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Privacy Policy

The basic policy of Japan Best Guides in regards to the protection of information on an individual will be as follows:

Strongly taking recognition of the importance of the protection of information on a person inn the current highly developed information society, Japan Best Guides hereby makes a solemn promise for its service network users that it (Japan Best Guides) will pay close attention to the protection of information on each user in accordance with the set Privacy Policy of Japan Best Guides. To carry out the Japan Best Guides’ Privacy Policy thoroughly, Japan Best Guides have formulated its own Privacy Policy Compliance Program to carry out the Privacy Policy to the fullest extent possible. Japan Best Guides will do its best to make its own Privacy Policy Compliance Program known to everyone within Japan Best Guides and, furthermore, make continuous efforts to make the policy better.

Ⅰ. To use our Japan Best Guides service network, you, as its user, are required to get yourself registered on Japan Best Guides with your personal information submitted to us. We shall be extremely cautious to protect your private information. The information may be used for the following purposes (For other purposes, it will not be used without your approval):

1.To make the Japan Best Guides Service user’s Profile Page: Information on you that you submit to Japan Best Guides for registration will be used to make your Profile Page. When you use the Japan Best Guides service, we take you for granted that you agree to let other users have access to the content of the Profile Page that you have registered with.

2.To communicate with other users: Disclosing private information on the user’s name, where to contact, etc may possibly cause undue trouble, so you should refrain from doing that act as much as possible except unavoidable circumstances surrounding you. In case a trouble occurs due to your activities to reveal private information on another person, Japan Best Guides will not take any responsibilities for that trouble; you are required to be responsible for your own activities as above.

3.To use information for smooth communications between Japan Best Guides and its users: Information on you as a user of the Japan Best Guides service network, such as Mail Address you register with Japan Best Guides, will be used by Japan Best Guides to contact the user as deemed necessary and appropriate to furnish information on Japan Best Guides services, notifications, daily new information, etc.

4.To use information for communication with other persons outside Japan Best Guides: As part of communications among Japan Best Guides users with other persons, the registered name, mail address, photographs, etc on Japan Best Guides may be used.

5.To take statistics from information collected on the Japan Best Guides service network for the purpose of improving the Japan Best Guides service network: Japan Best Guides hereby ask each user to approve and acknowledge Japan Tax-free Shopping Guides' activities to collect overall data/information on access records on the Japan Best Guides service network to use the collected/processed rough statistic figures on them for Japan Best Guides service network quality improvement activities, seizing users’ taste and other necessary information. However, information on an individual person will never be used. Collected and processed rough statistics may be coordinated with a third party connected with Japan Best Guides.

6.When a Japan Best Guides service network user is required to furnish his/her private information to a third party: On the Japan Best Guides service network, Japan Best Guides itself or a Japan Best Guides-affiliated/linked third party may possibly ask the user to input the user’s private information for questionnaire/data collection campaign activities. Generally accepted principles in the above case are; It is solely up to the user whether or not the user should respond to that request. The purpose of the questionnaire/data collection campaign activities will be made clear and how the collected statistics will be used. Japan Best Guides will properly and correctly handle such case and make clear the purpose of the information collection activities and how the collected data will be used.

Ⅱ. When and how Japan Best Guides obtain information on you:

1.When you join our service network.

2.When you write out and prepare your Profile Page on our service network.

3.When you use varied functions on our service network and put in information voluntarily.

4.When you make inquiries at our support system on our campaign activities to get members.

5.When we get your approval clearly.

Ⅲ. Disclosure of information to a third party: Legitimately and justly collected information on a user of Japan Best Guides shall not be furnished to a third party unless the user clearly approves. However, information may possibly be disclosed in the following cases:

1. When we (Japan Best Guides) decide in a rational manner based on applicable international laws and/or laws and ordinances of Japan.

2. When we deposit the information with a reliable contractor with whom we have made a contract for the protection of information, and let that contractor handle the information under our supervision.

3.When the primary service function of Japan Best Guides is altered, which necessitates transfer of private information.

Ⅳ. To correct or delete private information: Japan Best Guides will strive to the utmost to maintain correct information on each registered user of the Japan Best Guides service network. Each user may correct/delete information that he/she sends to make up the Profile Page on Web Site at any time. Further, if a user requests for correction or deletion of information other than the above-mentioned, we will promptly check on and confirm the matter to respond to the user’s request as much as we can.

Ⅴ. On “Cookie” and “Link:” Our Japan Best Guides Service may possibly furnish each user with much lucrative information via Cookie on Web Browser effectively. Cookie is a function to exchange information on users including their access data between Web Browser and Web Server. Using the Cookie function will be highly convenient, but on the other side, it may not be assuring from the standpoint of the protection of privacy. Accordingly, Cookie should be used by users at their own risk. Japan Best Guides contain many links with outside Web sites, but on the private information handling system of each Web Site link, Japan Best Guides will not be responsible. We recommend each user read the privacy policy for him/her to use the linked site properly.

Ⅵ. To improve and revise the Privacy Policy: Japan Best Guides always endeavor to improve its Compliance Program for the Privacy Policy and, therefore, the contents of the Privacy Policy may be changed with a prior notice. In that case, it will be put up on our site for users to read. We ask each user check the site regularly.