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New Tax Exemption Starts from October 2017.

Get a bargain at breweries, wineries and distilleriesVisit a Japanese SAKE brewery and take home some Japanese liquor, tax free!

A new tax exemption program started from October 2017. This exemption targets direct sales stores at approved breweries, wineries and distilleries. Japan's unique climate and geography produce many diff erent kinds of liquor,including sake, shochu, wine, and whiskey, which have become enormously popular around the world. Now you can visit Japanese breweries, wineries and distilleries and take home a bargain!

Started October 1, 2017!

Alcohol bought in direct sales stores at breweries, wineries and distilleries will be exempt from liquor tax.

Liquor purchased from direct sales stores at approved factories producing liquor such as sake, shochu, wine, and whiskey in Japan will be exempt from liquor tax as well as consumption tax. As long as the purchase satisfi es the consumption tax exemption conditions and the purchase amount is 5,000 yen or more, you are exempt from paying the liquor tax and can take home delicious Japanese liquor at a great price!

  • Target stores

    Only purchases at approved liquor tax exemption stores are eligible. The liquor tax exemption does not apply to purchases made at taxfree stores such as liquor stores, department stores, and supermarkets.

  • Purchase amount

    Consumption tax + liquor tax will be exempted from liquor purchases. The purchase amount (excluding consumption tax and liquor tax) must be 5,000 yen or more.

Contact stores to find out if they participate in the liquor tax exemption.

Learn about SAKE : Japanese rice wine Visit a SAKE brewery

Learn about the liquor production process and materials used.

You can learn about how liquor is made in Japan by observing the distilling, barrel aging, and many other liquor production processes, and by viewing exhibits of materials and tools used to make liquor over the years.

Experience the liquor making process first hand.

Depending on the SAKE brewery you may be able to take part in the liquor making process, such as by stirring the fermented mash (moromi). Please ask when you make your reservation.

Taste liquor at the SAKE brewery.

You can taste limited edition or freshly produced liquor while you are at the brewery, winery or distillery. Experience various ways to enjoy liquor, such as by comparing diff erent types and vintages.

Purchase limited goods and other souvenirs.

Breweries, wineries and distilleries sell goods that you can only buy there, such as limited editions and original snacks and glasses. Get a bargain on Japanese liquor with the new tax exemption system.