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A Japanese grilled chicken comprised of bite-sized pieces of chickens skewered and roasted over a grill, usually a charcoal grill, which is commonly eaten as a snack with light alcoholic beverages as beer or the Japanese Sake.  Yakitori bars today are popular places for company workers to drop in to enjoy the tasty Yakitori with reasonably priced alcoholic drinks after their work for the day.  Of course Yakitori could be tasted at a variety of restaurants in each area throughout Japan, where you can taste the different flavors of each part of the chicken such as "Momo" (Thigh), Mune (Breast) and/or Kawa (Skin) part each.  Some Yakitori establishments use "Jidori" chicken meat native to the area  known widely as good chicken meat, while other Yakitori shops value themselves on their Yakitori cooked with a high-quality type charcoal grill.  At any rate, both "Izakaya" (Drinking Establishment) type and pure "Yakitoriya" type restaurants throughout Japan also serve pork, beef and vegetables roasted on skewers, based on the order of their customers.   You'd just go down to the available local Yakitori charcoal grill restaurant in the area you travel through in Japan and enjoy the popular Japanese cuisine!




◆Popular types of Yakitori


  ●momo (もも), chicken thigh


  ●"sasami" (ささみ), breast meat


  ●"negima" (ねぎま), chicken and spring onion


  ●tsukune (つくね), chicken meatballs


  ●(tori)kawa ((とり)かわ), chicken skin, grilled until crispy


  ●tebasaki (手羽先), chicken wing


  ●bonjiri (ぼんじり), chicken tail


  ●nankotsu (なんこつ), chicken cartilage


  ●rebā (レバー), liver


  ●sunagimo (砂肝) or zuri (ずり), chicken gizzard