Japan Best Guides

Terms of Service

The scope of rules and regulations applied to the users of the services of Japan Best Guides: Each user is required to approve and abide by the following listed rules and regulations of Japan Best Guides. Besides these rules and regulations, in case there should be other applicable rules and regulations of other sites linked up with Japan Best Guides that could not be covered by the Japan Tax-free Shopping Guides' or any other individual service’s special rules and regulations, we ask you to conform to them.

I. Basically, Japan Best Guides will not be involved in the individual communication and activities between a user and another user of Japan Best Guides. In case a conflict arisen between them, the parties involved are required to settle the matter by themselves.

II. Each user of Japan Best Guides will be responsible for his/her own activities. In case a Japan Best Guides user’s contribution and other related activities would violate the set rules and regulations including those for copyright, the user of Japan Best Guides involved should be responsible in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure for damages done, or the user may possibly be prosecuted under the available Criminal Law. Additionally, in case a user of Japan Best Guides will not follow or break applicable laws and regulations including those of Japan Best Guides, all the legal rights of that user against Japan Best Guides including claim, lawsuit and other legal actions, shall not be applied to Japan Best Guides.

III. As a user of Japan Best Guides, you will be responsible for your profile, photograph, animation, etc to submit, post and display on the Japan Best Guides Service network. Specifically, as a Japan Best Guides Service user, you shall individually be responsible for the set legal obligations to protect copyright, portrait, etc and for the preservation and/or reproduction of the data involved for other purposes and use.

IV. Japan Best Guides may discontinue its service activities at any time on its own accord and free will. On any damages or losses that may be caused by the above action directly or indirectly, Japan Best Guides will not be responsible in any away whatsoever.

V. On the possible vanishment of the data of a user of Japan Best Guides, or any damages/losses incurred on the part of that user of Japan Best Guides while the user uses the Japan Best Guides service, Japan Best Guides expressly mention herein that it will not take the responsibilities for them.

VI. Japan Best Guides Service users’ consent to and legal proceedings for this agreement will be as follows:

1.Each user of the Japan Best Guides Service is regarded as having approved this Japan Best Guides Agreement when the user begins to use the Japan Best Guides Service. Further, this Agreement for the user may be modified as deemed appropriate and necessary by Japan Best Guides. If the user continuously uses the Japan Best Guides service, the user will be regarded as having agreed upon the Japan Best Guides Service Agreement.

2.The Japan Best Guides Service rules and regulations are based on applicable Japanese laws and regulations. In case a conflict arisen between Japan Best Guides and its service user in connection with the rules and regulations of Japan Best Guides, the Tokyo District Court will be the first trial court for the conflict.

VII. For the users of Japan Best Guides to enjoy the Japan Best Guides Service to the fullest and useful extent possible, the following acts are prohibited on the part of the users:

1.To violate applicable laws and regulations. Also, to solicit for and/or to encourage illegal acts. To cast a heavy load on the Server and to interfere with other users’ access. To interrupt Japan Best Guides operations and/or the network system of the same. To infringe upon another person’s rights on honor, trust, privacy, publicity, authorship and other。  

2.To defame, intimidate, harass or cause economical disadvantages and/or mental damages on a user or users of the Japan Best Guides Service. Particularly, to criticize another user offensively by specifically disclosing that user’s identification, nickname, etc with no permission of that user of the Japan Best Guides Service (It will cause unnecessary implications to carry one-sided contributions under the circumstances where the attacked user would not be able to bring forth necessary counterattacks, so please refrain from sending such offensive contribution).

3. To express discriminatory remarks on Race, Gender, Age, etc. Expressions, photographs and animations with strong political significances and messages. Expressions insulting other nations. Pictures, words and other means of expressions to show violence, pictures of grotesquerie, dead human body/murder scene, etc that should be regarded as unpleasant to the general public. Overly exposed nude pictures including ones partially covered with mosaic patterns and also scantly clad nude pictures. Photographs of exposed breast, posterior, genital and others including illustrations and paintings, which will be classified as obscene. Sexual acts, words expressing sexual organs and obscene languages. Pedophilia, pornography, untouched porno movies, etc. Suicide, self-inflicted (self cut) body, words and expressions regarded as to glorifying, inducing or accelerating suicide or “self-cut” (self-inflicting) human body. Acts aimed at meeting a Japan Best Guides Service user to have sex with and/or to conduct indecent activities with that user. Pre-election/election campaigning and other similar activities including those regarded as violating the Public Office Election Law.

4. To write to the Japan Best Guides columns for contributions from users on:

a. Commercial business advertisement and/or information for advertising (except those officially authorized).

b.Information on Japan Best Guides-affiliated links.

c.Information on mutual financing, “chain mail,” “MLM,” leading mail and others that induce persons to join.

d.Information to induce persons to get to “Adult Site” (including those that are simply aimed at setting up a link for that purpose).

e.Other information deemed unfit by Japan Best Guides.

5.As a user of the Japan Best Guides Service, you will not recklessly send your messages, request for addition of “My Friend,” or track up. You will:

a.Not send SPAM contributions/messages (It is an act a user or users of the Japan Best Guides Service to send to the available Japan Best Guides Service space the same or similar contributions/messages in bulk).

b. Not send SPAM words (An act that a user or users of the Japan Best Guides Service occupies the available Japan Best Guides Service space with a large number of words scarcely related to that column, and/or send conspicuously long contributions of no or thin relations with the purpose of the space).

c.SPAM URL: An act of a user or users of the Japan Best Guides Service to send same URL’s or messages.

d.Other acts that are defined by Japan Best Guides as SPAM.

6. Japan Best Guides request that as a user of the Japan Best Guides Service, you will not injure reputations of others, intimidate, harass or cause mental/unprofitable damages on them. In particular, Japan Best Guides ask you to refrain from sending offensive criticism against another person specifying that person’s ID, Nickname or Real Name without that person’s consent; It will cause undue trouble under circumstances wherein counterargument/opportunities/methods will be scarce for that purpose).

7. To put down your bank account number in the Community column, etc should not be done since other users have access to them. You should also refrain from putting down your phone number. To sell commodities that you have purchased for the purpose of selling to unspecified persons for high prices will violate the Ordinance To Prevent Trouble; Therefore, we strictly place a ban on that act; We do not ban the act of transactions of commodities for no profitable or barter purposes; However, we would not recommend such transactions between users unknown to each other. We will not tolerate the act of a user of our service who uses another person’s name, the name of a company the user has no representation or delegation rights of, or falsify tie-up relations with other business persons/organizations, whether such act as above is committed by the person on purpose or by mistake.

8.Conduct collecting and accumulating personal information on other users of the Japan Best Guides Service: As a user of the Japan Best Guides Service, you will not copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit or distribute information on each individual user on the Japan Best Guides Service. You are not allowed to obtain more than one Account. Further, an Account will not be used by more than one user. Persons under the age of 18 will not indiscriminately invite other persons with no previous acquaintances through the Bulletin, etc; You will not invite other users who have been deleted from the Site due to violation acts; You will not transact invitation card sales on the Auction Site; You will not act against public order and morals, common sense and all others proportionate to the above-described.